Upcoming Events

Join us this Sunday, April 26,

as we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter!


Prayer for our Parish

Heavenly Father, we are the family of Holy Cross. Bless us and guide us as we pray together in our Church. Be with us when we gather as your living community. Give us the strength and wisdom to remember that all our efforts are always for your honor and glory. Inspire us as we continue to build our future in faith. –Amen

Padre Celestial, somos la familia de Holy Cross. Bendícenos y guíanos mientras rezamos juntos en nuestra Iglesia. Acompá┼łanos mientras nos reunimos como tu communidad viva. Danos la fortaleza y la sabiduría para recordar que nuestros esfuerzos son siempre para tu honor y tu Gloria. Inspíranos mientras continuamos construyendo nuestro futuro en fe. – Amén